Lost Apparel

Quality Street Wear


Rooted in the coastal town of Mandurah

We offer an authentic sense of community and belonging, making our customers feel at home no matter where they are. Clothes that reflect who you are, what you stand for, and make you feel part of a community.

Our locally Mandurah designed, quality casual streetwear lets you enjoy the best of comfort, style, and affordability.

Jamie Humble

The Design Guy

Jake Wyllie

The Logistics Guy

The Lost Boys

When Jake Wyllie and Jamie Humble, two inseparable friends since year one, decided to launch a clothing brand, it wasn’t purely out of a long-nurtured dream or a strategic market plan. It was the irresistible pull of the "why not" factor. That casual, spontaneous spark of an idea, spurred on by the thrill of diving into something new and turning a casual pastime into an exciting venture.

The synergy between Jamie and Jake is palpable. While Jamie dives deep into the world of creative design, crafting the unique aesthetics of the apparel, Jake anchors the brand with his knack for logistics. This perfect blend ensures that every piece of clothing not only looks good but reaches you seamlessly.

The Lost Shop