Our Values

While many new brands tend to lose their way amidst the vast sea of competitors, Lost Apparel AU's ethos stands firm.

What we stand for


We've begun our journey selling mostly locally, emphasising keeping the essence of our brand intact.


For us, this isn't about being the next big global phenomenon overnight. It's about being persistent, consistent, and listening to our community.


In our minds, quality doesn't always have to be only synonymous with high prices. We've worked hard to create products that don't have a high price tag, but that comply with our internal, extremely high quality standards.


We’re deeply committed to receiving feedback, evolving with it, and ensuring our designs resonate with everyone.

Who We Dress

While our primary audience is young men, inclusivity is vital for us. Our range is broad, with most of our clothing being unisex, ensuring something that fits and flatters everyone.